How To | Appreciate What You Have

So many of us live in a state where we want more. More money, a bigger house, a new handbag, a new car, the list is endless and sometimes we just forget to look at the things that we do have and learn to have a little more appreciation.

No matter what you do or have in life, there will always be someone out there that would like what you have but in return you might also want what they have too. Somethings aren’t materialistic, it might not be the handbag they carry or the new car they drive but it could be how close they are to their Mum or how they have a lot of friends to talk to and support them. Nobody knows how others feel behind closed doors, behind that Instagram page or behind that seemingly perfect smile and I feel that by having that sense of gratitude, appreciation and pride in what you have, it may lead you to a happier life.

I have a little note book at the side of my bed and sometimes when I can’t sleep and thoughts are whirring around in my head, I grab my note book and start to write. Sometimes I write lists of what I need to accomplish the next day and sometimes I write about what I have that I’m thankful for. It can be something as little as having a garden for the kids to play out in or having a box of good quality tea bags for a good brew in the morning. It might sound silly but it really makes me see the bigger picture and appreciate the little things in life that do bring me joy.

Sometimes it can be hard to be happy with what you have when you want something better but I always try and think that there will always be someone out there that would love what I have now and I need to be thankful that I’ve got what I have because some people don’t have anything.

In these uncertain times, with no shops to go to and nowhere to go to get dressed up for, I think it’s the perfect time to work on yourself. Find your own unique style, figure out what makes you you and rediscover an old loved handbag that might just need a little tlc to look amazing again.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a style, I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and I don’t have the best confidence in my appearance right now but that’s ok. I think we become too hard on ourselves sometimes. We don’t always have to look perfect.

I’m taking this time at home to work on who I am. Instead of always looking to other people at what they look like or what they have, I’m working on how I want to dress, to look and to feel. I’m a Mum but that’s not all I am, I want to embrace the changes my body has gone through and learn to understand that I’m never going to look the way I did before my boys were born. I’m proud of myself and the fact that my stretch marked body has brought two beautiful boys into this crazy world. My body and what it has created is the one part of myself that I’m appreciative of and I think I just need to live with the fact that I will never look like another person with no stretch marks, long slim legs and perky boobs because quite frankly, that’s never going to be me. And that’s ok!

I’m appreciative of my health but I’m just starting to learn and educate myself of what my body needs and what I could do with changing. I have recently developed an intolerance to dairy, which has just come out of nowhere for me. So I’m trying to change my eating habits and look after my stomach and gut by trying healthier alternatives and changing up my diet. This is going to be a long process for me but I have goals I want to achieve and I’m hoping to get started on them shortly.

This lockdown has had it’s ups and downs and I think it’ll be a while yet until we can get back to some kind of normality. For me it’s given me a sense of appreciation for my husband, for my boys, my family and friends and all I can think of is how I’m so lucky to have them all in my life and I can’t wait till we can all be together again. I feel that this pandemic has brought it home to everyone that so long as everyone stays safe and healthy, who cares about who’s going where and buying what, all that really matters in life is who you chose to share it with.

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