New Beginnings…

Hello and a big, warm welcome to my brand new website!

After recently sitting down and having a long think about my passions in life and what I’d like to do to feel a little bit more like me, my blog just kept cropping up. I love photography and editing, I love writing and advising and I love my little home and family life. So I decided to give this another shot!

I decided to update the website to reflect my change of lifestyle and passions. I wanted it to be clean cut and inviting. To be able to navigate easily and hopefully provide you with something to read on a Sunday morning over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I wanted to start writing about the topics that I now spend my days doing. From being a mummy to two young boys and decorating our new home, to what game I’ve been playing this month or what bread I’ve baked. My life is so varied and I’ve learnt a lot in the last couple of years that I’d like to share with you.

The changes haven’t stopped at my website, I’ve also decided to revamp my YouTube channel too. I never stop thinking about what I would like to write about or film as I think it’s such a good way to look back and revisit times in your life that you may come to forget. I last uploaded a blog post around 2 years ago and a video around 4 years ago so it really is like starting a fresh. I’ve always watched vlogs on YouTube and I just love watching people and seeing what they get up to on a daily basis. When I first started my channel I mainly filmed mini makeup hauls or showed what skincare I was using but the best videos that I made and what I loved the most, was the little vlogs of family trips to the seaside or romantic trips to London with Dan. Those are what I have a passion for most and I am going to start making those to show my day to day life and the little family trips we make. Hopefully in years to come the boys will be able to see themselves growing up and having fun trips with their mummy and daddy.

I want you to feel welcome here. I want to share little bits of my life with you all from tips and tricks, to travel, home interiors, beauty products and everyday life ups and downs. There will be a new blog post and vlog/ video from me every Sunday morning at 10am. I may also upload more but for the time being, that is my schedule going forwards. I hope you decide to come on this little journey with me as I’m so excited to get started and do something that really makes me happy.

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